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Been gone for awhile

2009-10-16 18:42:23 by RABoxStuff

Hello my fellow newgrounders, i haven't been on to submit anything lately and i apoligize, so i have just submitted four new peices, hope you enjoy. Keep up the great work everybody, its nice to see such great flashes, games, and artwork from you all. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and have a good one, be cool.

NEW Art work

2009-08-02 11:01:00 by RABoxStuff

I have recently submitted a new peice called torn out stich, i have a favor to ask of my fellow newgrounders, to reveiw my idea on a comic book series, check the art Dias of mine.


2009-07-05 01:19:17 by RABoxStuff

I am a person of art, i enjoy art, and hope to see many submissions by others and congradulate them on their accomplishments. I express myself and i enjoy everyones art so far, they truely are great. Thank you for reading this and i hope that you veiw my submissions in art.